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What do the notches on the choke tubes mean?

The notches indicate the choke tube restriction. A lower notch count means more restriction (tighter). A higher notch count means less restriction.

1 notch = Full
2 notches = Improved modified
3 notches = Modified
4 notches = Improved cylinder
5 notches = Cylinder

Which chokes are recommended for slugs?

These chokes are recommended for slugs:

4 notches = Improved cylinder
5 notches = Cylinder

A cylinder choke is recommended for shooting rifled slugs in a smooth-bore barrel. Sabot slugs should only be shot through our fully-rifled slug barrels.

It is not safe to shoot slugs through chokes tighter than those listed here.

Which chokes are recommended for steel shot?

These chokes are recommended for steel shot:

3 notches = Modified
4 notches = Improved cylinder
5 notches = Cylinder

Most people find that…

  • The modified choke works best for pass shooting
  • The improved cylinder and cylinder chokes work well on decoying birds

Nothing is gained by trying to shoot steel through a choke tighter than modified, and we do not recommend doing so.

What should I do if there is a problem with the function of my Stoeger Industries firearm?

Gather as much information as you can about the malfunction. For example, note exactly what load you were shooting, and whether the malfunction was sporadic or consistent (for example: always the third shot).

The more you can tell us about the problem, the easier it will be for us to diagnose the malfunction.

Call the Stoeger Industries customer service department at (301) 283-6981 (option 2) or (800) 264-4962 (option 2) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.

What scope base will fit my Stoeger shotgun?

We recommend that the gun be drilled and tapped to accommodate a Weaver 93A scope base, for the best and most reliable fit.

Drilling and tapping of the receiver should be done by a qualified gunsmith, and if not done properly, will void your warranty. This service is not offered by Stoeger Industries. For assistance finding a reputable gunsmith, talk with a dealer near you.

Where and how do I send my gun for warranty repair service?

To obtain warranty service, follow the steps listed on the Warranty page of this website.

What types of problems are not covered under warranty?

For a list of what is not covered under warranty, see the Warranty page of this website.

What are the shotgun pattern specifications?

Point of impact may be:

2" left or right of point of aim

6" above point of aim

1" below point of aim

At 20 yards

What kind of oil should I put on my chokes?

Use choke tube lubricant, which is basically an anti-corrosion and anti-seize compound. Any lubricant specifically labeled choke tube lube should work fine. Several different manufacturers offer it.

For assistance, visit a dealer near you.

Does my Stoeger shotgun need to be broken in?

Only these models require a breaking-in period: M3500, M3000, M2000.

Here’s how to break in these shotguns:

  1. Immediately after purchase, clean the gun and oil it thoroughly.
  2. Fire 100 to 200 rounds of a heavy load through the gun.

This will prepare the shotgun for cycling light trap or hunting loads.

After break-in, the minimum load your Stoeger Industries semi-auto shotgun will cycle reliably is an 11/8 ounce and 3 drams of powder.

What kind of maintenance do I need to perform on my Stoeger Industries firearm?

Maintenance needs vary depending on the number of rounds fired, the type of powder in the shells, and the type of hunting for which the gun is used. Here are general guidelines.

  • Bore and exterior surfaces – Clean and oil after every outing
  • Bolt rails and bolt carrier assembly – Oil at the end of the day
  • Bolt and trigger mechanism – Clean powder fouling and debris as needed; frequency will vary, depending on the kind of ammo used
  • Gun, including the recoil assembly – Detail-strip, clean, and oil at the end of the season or any time the gun is submerged in water

What oil should I use on my Stoeger shotgun in cold weather?

Low-viscosity, synthetic gun oil is recommended for lubricating your shotgun during operations in cold weather. Synthetic gun oil is less likely than regular gun oil to congeal and cause cycling problems.

For assistance, visit a dealer near you.

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