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3-Gun Pros Yackley 5

What do you do with 5 shooters in one family? You shorten the time spent listing names to Yackley 5, and get shooting! For those who need to know, this shooting family consists of: Mark, Becky, Tim, Sean, and Andrew Yackley. They have been shooting competitively all over the US, and now have two shotgun world titles to add to their history.

Over the past 25 years or so, Mark has shot competitively in various disciplines, from All-American in collegiate air pistol, smallbore, air rifle, high power, USPSA, and 3-gun. When Mark is not in his squad car for the Wisconsin State Patrol or working for them as a firearms instructor, he is at his other job is with the Marine Corps.

Becky has been shooting competitions for the same 25 or so years. Her background ranges from high power service rifle to collegiate air rifle and air pistol, summer biathlon, Palma rifle, USPSA, and 3-gun. Last September, Becky was part of the Gold Medal-winning USA Ladies Standard Team for the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot. She also finished 3rd Lady in Production Division at the 2015 & 2014 Bianchi Cup, and for 205, won several high-lady honors in 3 gun competitions. When she isn't shooting, Becky is busy with her camera and writing and her work can be seen in Guns American, Outdoor Life, and various industry publications. This year she is also on the television show, The Big Gun, on the Sportsman Channel, as well as appearances in Shootout Lane, NRA All-Access, and Shooting USA.

Tim is 18 years old and has competed in USPSA, 3-gun, NRA Action Pistol, Palma Rifle, practical shotgun, and multi-gun events. He is the current junior National Champion in NRA Action Pistol / Bianchi Cup and was on the USA Junior Team for the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot in 2015, where he won a bronze medal. Tim's smooth and clean shooting style has earned him 4 match wins in 2016, 17 top-5 finishes, and in 2016, his sights were set on the NRA World Action Pistol shoot in New Zealand, and the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series 3-gun match, where he was one of only a few juniors competing in the televised event. You can also see him on TV on Shooting USA and coverage of the 2015 Trijicon World Shoot.

Sean is 16, and while only 2nd to his brother in Bianchi Cup, Sean’s fierce pistol skills have won him junior shoot offs, and helped him to quietly enjoy being the middle child. But 2016 is going to be the year for Sean to step out of the shadow of other juniors and bring his speed with pistol to the plate. Sean also has his sights set on NRA Action Pistol World Shoot, as well as 3 gun. As a relatively low-key shooter, he still manages to impress with his speed and long range skills, and across the board solid shooting.

Rounding out the 5 is Andrew, who at 11 years old, is often the youngest competitor at a match. He brings his serious pistol accuracy to the game of 3 gun, and runs a 12 gauge like a boss. He is making his mark on the 3 gun world with both his small stature and big personality. Often he can be found helping match directors and range officers, fundraising for the junior 3 gun camps, and acting as the family PR machine doing everything from walking dogs, to pasting targets, even when he’s not competing.

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